Do Mike And Mike Realize That Kimmel Makes Up His Mean Tweets?

Yesterday when I was watching Mike and Mike they were talking about a video where men read mean tweets to women sports media members.
I got suckered in.
I’ll admit it.
For the first five minutes of watching the show, they were talking about how people are mean and how there are racists and idiots in the world.
And not sports, which seems to be a theme for these so-called sports show,
They talk about everything but sports, but that is not where I want to go with this.
The video they were referencing to was never shown.
Bastards only gave us a cheap plug-in so they could get more retweets.
Which worked.
After awhile, I became interested in the video with the men reading the mean tweets.
So I went to their twitter page and watched it.

The Mike And Mike mentioned video

I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but grow up.
People will hate you.
Maybe it is because of your hair.
Maybe you took their parking spot.
Or maybe you talk too loud.
Whatever the reason is, move on, and get over it.
The men are offended in this video, as if they wrote it.
And the women acted really hurt because of the tweets.
Grow up.
Not everyday is going to be filled with flowers where we all sing songs holding hands.
It’s called life people.
Turns out some days are really bad.
And some people don’t care much for others feelings.
What am I talking to a six year old here?
These are grown ass people and they are acting like they don’t know what pain is.

Kimmel’s Mean Tweets

Now, if you know Jimmy Kimmel then you know that he has a similar segment like this, called Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.
The world is an awful place according to that, right?
Not really.
Since Kimmel writes the mean tweets.
Or should I say his staff of writers do.
At first, it was a great idea, but then Kimmel realized that he couldn’t just go on Twitter and find mean things people say about Sandra Bullock.
Most people aren’t actually online hating others.
In fact, most people don’t even talk to others they don’t know anyway when online.
If you do, then it is probably for a reason, like you are talking sports with a fellow tweeter or whatever it is that you like.
There is this weird stigma that everyone online is a jerk.
No. They aren’t.
We just tend to remember the bad more than the good.
So Mike and Mike were talking about something based on something that was written by comedians as a joke.
Do they realize that?
I’m not sure.
They never addressed Kimmel on their show.
Or the origin of the idea.
But how am I supposed to take their segment seriously when I saw the other segment on a comedy show?

If Michael Strahan were to be candid about the Kelly Ripa situation, I imagine his angry rant would have been something like this.
Why the hell do I have to apologize to the stupid (expletive)?
I am a Super Bowl Bowl champion.
I am the all-time leader in sacks.
And that (expletive) wants me to apologize?
(expletive) her.
I am not saying sorry to her.
In football that happens all the time.
You can have a great game, and guess what?
You get cut.
There are sorrys for that.
There are no giveaways.
No handouts.
She should take it like a man and move on.
I am not saying sorry for leaving the show.
And that is final.

These sports shows really have to get back to talking sports for god’s sake.
It is like turning on a movie review show and getting no reviews.
I am going to start calling ESPN a new name
ESPN; the world wide leader in sports bullshit.
That doesn’t have the ring I thought it would have.

How I Feel When I Watch Sports Talk Shows Not Talk About Sports

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