The NBA Will Do Everything In Its Power For The Warriors To Win

Why would I have such a title like that?
I obviously must be some sort of conspiracy nut with that type of title.
I’m not.
Just look at what the NBA has said.
They have added sponsors because it was a business decision.
So strictly speaking business here, what is the best, most profitable team in the league at this time?
The Golden State Warriors.
People want to see them.
The media talks about them.
Blogs write about them.
They are helping the league grow because of how they generate stories through their success.
How could the NBA not want the Warriors to go to the Finals?
They would make the most money if the Warriors were there.
Plus the NBA has said it was a business anyway.
The NBA will make calls for the Warriors.
Because if they win, the league wins.
More papers are sold.
More leads are generated.
More money is made.
But if they lose…
What happens?
The NBA has a team that went 73-9 not even win the title.
That doesn’t build credibility to the league.
It only helps the conspiracy nuts build their case even further.


The NBA has admitted that the last play of the game 3 between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets should not have counted.
Harden pushed off.
I get that they want to correct their mistakes, but was anyone really complaining about this play?
Or the last few minutes of the game?
I wasn’t.
I can tell you that.
So why did the NBA explain something that no one was really asking about?
That seems odd to me.
I complained about the whole game being officiated.
That the Warriors seem to get every freaking call.
That Draymond Green can mug a guy and no one says anything.
But Howard can push a guy under the basket while he is trying to get a rebound and they will give him a foul.
It is not just the last few minutes I have a problem with.
And if they want to correct themselves, then call a better Game 4.
Don’t bring up how bad Game 3 was officiated.
They doesn’t help anyone.
Well besides the people who want to write about it, I guess
Oh and for the record, did the NBA ever say that Jordan’s game winning jump-shot should not have counted because he pushed off of Russell?

If the Warriors lose without Curry, the NBA and media will lose their minds.
They will create hypothetical bullshit to talk about the loss of the team.
“What does this mean for their legacy?”
“Are they still the greatest?”
“What should they do now?”
Stuff like that.
They will cry because their opponents didn’t beat them at their best.
As if the opponents care.
Cleveland didn’t get a pass last year for not having Irving and Love.
Did anyone feel bad for them?
Or how about when the Knicks lost to the Spurs in 99 without Ewing?
Or when the Pistons lost to the Lakers even though Isiah Thomas was injured?
Did anyone cry for those teams then?
They didn’t.
Injuries are part of the game.
So if the Warriors lose because of injury, I won’t feel bad for them.
They are not entitled to the NBA title because they had the best record during the season.

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