The End Of The NBA As We Know It

coke this blog needs sports
It’s here folks.
The day has come that will live in infamy.
That you will be telling your grandkids about.
Okay. That may be dramatic.
But there is definitely a major event happening today in basketball history.
No. Not the NBA playoffs.
The NBA has officially put sponsored logos on their jerseys.
And it is a slippery slope after that.
Then there will be two sponsors.
Then three.
Then four.
Then the whole jersey will be sponsored.
Until the very team names are rid of completely anyway.
Why have them at that point? They’ll ask.
People recognize the sponsors as much as the teams.
You won’t be watching the Knicks vs the Lakers.
You’ll be watching the Geico Lizards against the Progressive Flos.
geico this blog needs sports
They already bought out the arenas.
(Nearly every arena is owned by a big company)
What else is there to buy besides the team names themselves?
As everyone is getting ready for the playoffs, everyone is getting exited for the best teams to compete, the league has sold out.
This is the closest the league can come to selling their soul.
They say it is a test trial for three years.
Because by then, they are going to have the whole jersey figured out.
The commissioner even said that it was an inevitable business decision.
It is not a game anymore folks.
No matter how much you tell yourself it is.
No matter how many times you enjoying playing open gym.
No matter how many times you watch highlights.
It is not a game.
It’s business.
This league has shown that the business side of it is the most important aspect.
That piece of information would be sad news by itself.
But the league thought it would do us all a favor and put sponsors on the jerseys too.
Thanks NBA.

The weirdest thing about this whole thing is how much this reflects that movie Rollerball.

I mean hey, even Lee Corso admitted it once.
Sports are entertainment.
And entertainment is just business.
So sports is nothing more than business.
leecorso this blog needs sports

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