The Golden State Warriors Are Bad For Basketball

There are alot of phonies in the basketball world right now.
Alot of people who pretend like they enjoy the game.
Who pretend like they are basketball fans.
But we all know they aren’t.
How can you spot a person like this?
They are probably a Golden State Warrior fan.
I can’t believe how everyone is acting like Golden State has such a large fanbase,
As if it is New York or Boston.
Like the Warriors could draw if they lost.
It is unbelievable.
Ask that person about basketball.
About the strategic part of the game, and what will they say?
Probably that Golden State is just so fun to watch.
fans this blog needs sports
Also if you think that the two greatest teams of all-time are the 2016 Warriors and the 96 Bulls then you should not be following the game.
That is the type of ignorance I am taking about.
Fans who are drifters.
Who go with the wind.
And follow anyone who is winning.
These people don’t actually know the game.
They are there because it is a cool thing to do.
And the fact that the NBA is highlighting it just makes me upset.
record this blog needs sports
That is the off-court influence.
The on-court influence may not be any better.
Everyone shoots now!
Holy crap.
Sometimes I feel like I am not watching a game.
More like a three point shootout.
Whoever shoots the best will win.
Of course, this shouldn’t be the case.
But that is how the game is played today.
I can’t blame the Warriors on this one.
They are exploiting a loophole in the system.
You can outplay them, but they can outshoot you so they will win.
Now conventional wisdom says, if you outplay your opponent, you will win.
But since the three point shot has become so prominent, the rules to winning have changed.
If you outshoot your opponent you can win any game.
This type of style then gets passed down to the lower levels until you see young kids all wanting to be Curry.
All wanting to be shooters.
We are being taught that the only part of the game that matters is shooting, and that is not good for the game.
There are other aspects to it, like rebounding, defense and passing (among others) that young people should want to do.
But because the Warriors are primarily shooters, everyone will try that way.
What good do the Warriors do for the game of basketball?
They promote fake fans to be interested in the game.
Fans who will not be there once they start losing.
And they make younger players only want to shoot instead of becoming complete basketball players.
I must have missed the memo.
Because I don’t see how a team like that can be good for the game.

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