The Mets And Royals Will Get Into A Fight Tonight

Baseball is back!
A real sport.
One that the championship game isn’t a circus.
nfl1 this blog needs sports
Or that hasn’t become a complete sellout.
looking at you this blog needs sports
Baseball is the only real sport left.
The others have become shows or entertainment, more than a game.
But I don’t want to get into that right now.
Tonight at 8:37 PM the Mets will play the Royals.
At least they say 8:37 PM, but you know how these people are with times.
It is like going to see a movie.
They don’t really mean that they are starting at 9 o’clock.
These guys know what I am talking about.

So if are on line for popcorn for ten minutes it is okay.
You are only missing that Lego Batman Movie trailer.
I think that the teams have bad blood.
taylor swift this blog needs sports
They don’t like each other.
The Mets think the Royals got lucky for winning.
And the Royals think the Mets got lucky for even being there.

Neither team has much respect for one another.
They look at the other and say, “Wow. We should beat these guys easily.”

Plus, my man, Noah Synderguard is a tough mofo.
He will knock someone down if he has too.
Don’t let that Thor nickname confuse you.

And the Royals are a tough blue collar team.
Both teams have a real hard-nosed aspect to their winning.
Neither will let the other just push them around.
I expect something to happen in tonight’s game.


According to this Bleacher Report article the
Royals Deny Report They’re Seeking Payback Against Mets, Syndergaard in Opener

I don’t buy it.
The Royals want the Mets to know that they deserved winning and they wouldn’t mind rubbing the title in the Mets players’ faces.

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