Can The Media Give Matt Harvey A Break?

The media needs to shut up about everything Matt Harvey does.
“Oh he doesn’t want to talk to us!”
I am crying over here because god forbid you have to write a story without a quote from him.
Must be tough writing stories to a game that you don’t play.
It is your job as a writer to write stories.
Don’t bitch about one player not wanting to talk to you.
That player doesn’t write the story.
You do.
You are just using his deflection as an excuse for when people don’t like what you wrote.

Stop acting like Matt Harvey is a bad guy.
I don’t see anyone giving Aroldis Chapman a hard time for beating the crap out of someone.
Or Sabathia because he is a drunk.
Or A-Rod because he took steroids.
I guess that best that Harvey can do is a get a cool nickname.

a-rod this blog needs sports

And what does the media say about the coverage towards Harvey?
Well, Harvey has to deal with it.
deal with it this blog needs sports
He is the face of the franchise and he signed up for that.
As if he just walked into a bank one day and requested it.

“Yeah. Hi. I am Matt Harvey. I would to pitch for the NY Mets and become the face of the franchise.”
“Mr. Harvey, you have to sign a contract that says you don’t mind that the media is overly critical of everything you do. Is that okay with you?”

Derek Jeter was the face of the New York Yankees for fifteen years and they never gave him a hard time for living a lifestyle similar to Harvey’s.
Neither are attached to one woman.
For some reason we always viewed Jeter for his one field approach, which was great, don’t get me wrong.
But with Harvey, we love to talk bullshit.
Jeter got softball questions that never dealt with controversy.
What does Harvey get?
Jokes about his bladder.
jeter harvey this blog needs sports
Like this question:
Hoe does it feel to lose?
I like how Jeter answered it.
But do you ever remember a time when his social life was even brought up?
Where the reporters tried to get him in trouble?
I don’t.
They never went digging with Jeter.
For Harvey it is the only thing they do.
It goes to show you that the media can really change how you view and athlete.

Basically Matt Harvey is Spongebob and the media is Mr. Krabs.

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