If The 96 Bulls Are The Greatest Team…

There has been alot of comparisons of this year’s Golden State Warriors to the 96 Bulls.
Mostly because of their records.
The Warriors have a chance to beat the 72 wins that the Bulls set back in 1996.
I am amazed how a matter of fact they treat the Bulls being the best team ever, just because they have the most wins.
Most wins doesn’t mean you’re the best.
The best selling single isn’t the best song of all time.
The highest grossing movie isn’t the best movie of all time.
Because we understand that greatness has other factors involved than just the end result.
So if you are going by how most people think, that the 96 Bulls are the greatest basketball team ever because they won the most games, what else is number one according to these people.

Best movie of all time: Avatar
Sorry Citizen Kane, but you didn’t make enough at the box office to get a say.
And what the hell does adjusted for inflation mean?
You know that the sports world would ignore a stat like that.
The movie with the blue people is the best movie ever.
Look at all the money it made.
(info found on The Numbers)

Best book of all time: A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
It was the best of times, It was the worst of times. Regardless of the times, this book is going to sell a lot of copies.

According to book sales, this classic would be number one, which means it is obviously number one overall.
You can’t have the best book, but not sell the most copies.
Makes no sense.
It is unheard of for an artist to create iconic works, but they don’t break record sales.
The best selling books are always the best out there.
Yeah, sure.
(info found on Wikipedia)

Best song of all time: White Christmas by Bing Crosby
This holiday classic would be the best song of all time if we are going by singles sales.
No. Not Bohemian Rhapsody, or a Beatles song.
This song.
It sold more, so it only makes sense that it is better.
(info found on Wikipedia)

Best President:George W. Bush
According to the people who love the 96 Bulls, winning is what matters.
So I relate that to approval rating as a president.
If you have a high approval rating, you are the best, right?
Who hear wouldn’t select George W. Bush as the best president of all time?
You say Abe Lincoln was good, yeah, but we have no numbers from when he was president so we are only going to consider people in the modern era.
(info found on Wikipedia)

Best team of all time:
To make this whole thing even more amusing, is that if you use their train of thinking the 96 Bulls wouldn’t even be the best team of all time.
The 72 Dolphins would.
They never lost a game that year.
And you can’t do any better than perfect in sports.

I am tired of hearing how the Bulls are definitely the best team ever.
Like it is no discussion.
They’re not.
Other teams were better than them even though they lost a few games less.
Bird’s Celtics, Magic’s Lakers, Dr. J’s 76ers.
Those teams could have easily run with the Bulls.
Heck I’d even give Russell’s Celtics a chance at them.
They won eight times in a row, they must have had some talent on their team.
Can we please stop saying that the 96 Bulls are unbeatable?
Like they were gods playing?
Cause they weren’t.
Oh wait, 72 wins.
Oh yeah, I forgot, that is supposed to shut up anyone who disagrees with the 96 Bulls being the best.

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