Since When Are The Warriors The Dubs?

If you have been anywhere near a basketball court (or television) then you may have heard of the team with a long history of winning in the NBA,The Golden State Warriors.
This team is so great, that even when they stink people still go to the games.
The fans never boo at the GM for the team being awful.
This is a franchise that the NBA needs.
Just ask Rick Barry.
And if you need to know who Rick Barry is, then I am afraid that joke is lost on you.
Right now the Warriors are the league’s darling.
They are the team that ruined the NBA.
The team that even the Patriots couldn’t stop.
They have Steph Curry, who apparently is not only the greatest basketball player ever, but is thinking about starring in his own reality show during the season.
He is just that talented.

The point is everyone loves this team.
Because they are really good.
Like winning-the-most-games-in-a-regular-season-good.
Not because it is Goldern State.
God knows how that has little to do with it.
Don’t believe me?
When the Warriors start losing in a few years, see how many people will be wearing their jerseys.
No one will.
But no matter how much they promote Curry and his team, they are not the Lakers or the Knicks, or the Celtics, or Pistons.
If you only root for a team when they are winning, then you are not really rooting for them.
And that is what everyone is doing now.
The Warriors are winning so you bought a Warriors jersey.

Nice choice, by the way.
I would have gone with the hat.

Anyway, I am just about done with this bottle of Haterade, so I will get to what I wanted to talk about in the beginning of this post.

The Dubs, I mean, the Warriors’s nickname.
Who the hell came up with that dumb nickname for them?
Is it that they are so cool and hot right now, so someone thought they should give them a hip nickname too?
They are the Warriors.
The W’s.
So they changed it to Dubs.
Get it?
Yeah. It is pretty stupid if you ask me.
And I love how the analysts act like it is natural.
Like everyone knows they are called the Dubs.
Or even the logo.

video courtesy of NESN and Ashley Allen
She acts as if you should know the Warriors.
She even calls them the Dubs!
But come on, stop pretending like they are this storied franchise with a large fanbase they developed over forty to fifty years.
They aren’t.
They are great now, but once they start losing they will go back into oblivion.

I am not going to hate on the Warriors if they win the title this year.
At least not right away.
My bottle is empty.
But the Dubs?
Dude, I am not calling them the Dubs.
They are the Golden State Warriors.
Stop calling them something else.

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