Players Have Been Brainwashed

Athletes have watched too much TV.
(so they are like most of us in that fashion)
They really do believe that a great play makes a great player.
Which isn’t neccessarily the case.
Just because that song is great doesn’t mean that the overall ability of the singer is high.
It means his attributes fit the situation needed for him to excel.
Like if a player makes a great dunk doesn’t make him an great overall player.
It means his jumping ability is high.
That has no impact on whether he can pass or shoot.
You wouldn’t know that if you watched the player’s over-reaction though.
You will see this all the time.
In fact go on ESPN right now and I bet you can find some highlights that are talked about and everyone ignores the fact that the team that the guy was on lost.
A guy makes a great dunk.
His team loses.

“Oh my god! What a move!”
Loses the game.
It is like players know that the play will be more important than the game anyway so why care if you win.
How many times have you seen a guy hit a few shots and then celebrate like he is a star?
Too much if you ask me.
But why does he celebrate?
Why does he go nuts?
Why not just be humble and go on with the game?
We don’t promote that.
It is entertainment right?
We don’t want to just see a shot.
We want to see a celebration.
A dance move.
Or even the bench doing something.

If two guys hit a bunch of shots, who are we all going to talk about?
The guy who kept his head down and said nothing?
Or the guy who goes crazy and dances after every shot?
Sure the players have bought into the BS with the game within the game.
But we as fans don’t help.
And then what do we as fans say?
We get angry that the players aren’t taking the game seriously.
We can’t have it both ways.
It can’t be entertainment, all about fun, and a show.
And also be about competition, and winning at all costs.
In entertainment nobody wants to get hurt.
Everyone just wants to stay on the stage.
In competitition nobody cares if they get hurt since there is no stage.
So what do we want?
Do we want real sports?
Where the guys fight and it is ugly?
Or do we want fake sports?
Where everyone loves one another and everything is fine?
Either way athletes think that one play is more important than a win.
And with how society is, with all the attention towards the play.
I am not sure if the athlete is wrong.

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