What We Can All Learn From Peyton Manning


Peyton Manning retired yesterday from the NFL leaving behind one of the great legacies in all of sports.
One not only of greatness but of class.
Fans weren’t just awed by the plays Manning made.
They really liked the guy too.
Will other players try to idolize Manning’s greatness?
Reach all the achievements he broke?
Try to in essence be Manning?
Who wouldn’t?
But it is not his skill that will be most remembered.
It is that he got the most out of it.
He never was under prepared.
He never went into class not ready for the test.
And this is something we can all learn from.
If you, no matter what you are doing, put all the effort into that position.
If you give your best, then you have nothing to worry about.
You prepared all you could.
You thought of all the scenarios.
You readied yourself as best you could.
That is something we should all try to be like.
Sure not all of us are going to be like Peyton Manning on the field.
But off the field, on our own turf, we can all be like Peyton Manning.
We tried to the best everyday and never took a day off.
We reached our greatest potential.
Peyton’s legacy of hard work and attention to detail is as significant as his statistics.
Since non-football fans can learn from his effort more than how he ran an offense.

hard work

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