That Is A Brian Scalabrine Fact


What the heck is a Brian Scalabrine fact?
And who the heck is he?
It’s a joke that makes him out to be better than he really was.
Since he looks like an out of shape white dude.
So one would be, “They don’t call him the white Michael Jordan. They called Jordan the black Scalabrine.”
Or Average one minute a game. Won one NBA championship. Efficiency.
Anyway, why am I bringing this up?
Who cares about some memes about some retired NBA player?
Because I think it is more relevant than just a joke.
News media outlets do this all the time with players.
They make up stats to fit an agenda or angle they want to present to the audience.
He is the only player ever to do this.
Only the fifth player to do that.
You know what I am talking about.


If you turn on ESPN right now someone is probably bringing up one of those bizarre facts.
What is my problem with it?
That s the same thing that is done with Brian Scalabrine!
This player is averaging this in his last whatever amount of games.
Last time this player did that.
He is the only player to do this.

See what I am saying?

The manipulation of information to make him seem more talented than he was created the humor.
That is what is funny about it!
That was part of the joke
But the news media outlets, they aren’t kidding.
They are serious with their information.
Serious about what they are saying.
And that worries me.
They are taking the same approach as a joke would take.
So how am I supposed to take them serious?

never lie

So what are you supposed to do as a fan?
Are you going to stop watching the games all of a sudden?
Obviously you won’t.
But I ask that when you bring up statistics that you are aware of the built in bias they may have.
Next time you see a fake fact thrown out at you, call it what it really is.
A Brian Scalabrine fact.

brian scalabrine fact

And now I would like to leave you with some “facts” about this blog.
Those posts with 1000 words or more are read by less than 23% of readers than those that are less than 1000 words.
The last 5 of 7 posts for this blog have been on fire, averaging a staggering 1000 views a minute.
Overall this blog is averaging 786 words 2 pictures and one poll per post.

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