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Super Bowl 50 Predictions


Last week I told you about how impressed i was with the Carolina Panthers winning in such dominating fashion.
It come as no surprise to any of you that I pick the Panthers in a route.
I think they may just be too good for the Broncos.
They have only lost one game all real for a reason.
The only shot that the Broncos have is to get ahead early and have more forced turnovers and that Peyton Manning only has to play game manager for most of the time he is out there.
If they do not have a few fluke plays happen, like a fumble recovery for a score, or a punt return for a touchdown, then they are not going to win.
The more points that are scored the better it is for Carolina.
The Broncos want an ugly low scoring game.
If both teams play like they are capable, then this one won’t even be close.
My score is 42-10, Carolina.
This one will be over by halftime.


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