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Lue Can Coach But Not Walton


Luke Walton is not going to coach the West All-Star team in the upcoming NBA All-Star Game.
Despite being the interim head coach while Steve Kerr was out.
What team did Walton coach for?
The Golden State Warriors.
Yeah those Warriors.
The team that many speculate could break the single season win record.
That man is responsible for coaching those games.
And what does he get?
Then there is Tyronn Lue.
The new head coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers who only got the job because Lebron James liked him more than the other guy.
He hasn’t even won ten games with his team and what does he get?
To coach the East All-Star team!
What the hell is going on in the NBA?
First Zaza, then Blatt gets fired and now this.
Oh and Lue can cut the crap about how Blatt should be the East All-Star coach.
He had no problem taking his job and now I am expected to believe he wants what is best for the guy.

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