Blatt Never Had A Chance


David Blatt was fired as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers about a week ago or so.
I want to say that I’m surprised.
But I’m not.
You could tell that the team hated him.
That Lebron wanted more control.
That he wasn’t even Lebron’s favorite coach on the team.
I didn’t love Blatt as a coach, but the guy didn’t deserve that.
Hopefully he gets a job somewhere in the NBA.
The guy doesn’t know basketball all of a sudden.
Not only was he screwed, but the assistant coach Tyrone Lue got a multi-year deal on the same day.
Can you any other time in sports that a head coach got unjustly fired and the team gives the assistant not only the job for the rest of the year, but for a few years!
The whole thing is suspicious.
I commented to my friend as I watched the Cavaliers get blown out by the Warriors, “They look like they don’t know there is a game to play. Like they are hungover or something.”
Now I am starting to think that the team threw the game because they knew their coach was getting fired.


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