Thoughts On NFL Championship Games


I told you last week that I would let you all know about the games and after thinking about them over the last few days I have a few things to say.
First off, the Carolina Panthers are rightfully so, the favorite for Super Bowl 50.
They were much better than the Cardinals, but also, I felt, better than the Patriots and Broncos.
It was like they were playing at a different speed than Arizona.
I couldn’t believe it.
Not that I don’t think they are great.
I do.
But when the NFC championship is over by halftime, I am taken back.
They had something the other two teams in the AFC didn’t have.
They could run and throw the ball.
The Patriots and Broncos couldn’t run.
I couldn’t believe it.
Neither team had a reliable running game.
The Panthers, on the other hand, had a balanced attack so they were much more difficult to guard against.
I knew when the Patriots or Broncos were throwing the ball, because their running game was that bad.
Now on to the other game.
The AFC game.
I hear a lot of people say how great the Broncos defense is.
How they were all over Brady.
Which they were.
But my take is that the Patriots could not have been more injured if they pulled a Blake Griffin and started punching each other.
Gronk, Edelman, the whole line.
My god was anyone but Brady even healthy?
So yes the Broncos defense was great, but they beat up a wounded team.
I don’t think they would have beaten the Patriots, if the Patriots were 100%.
There was one play Gronk caught the ball and could barley move after it.
The Broncos needed a great day out of their defense, a missed extra point and everyone on the Patriots offense to be injured to beat them.
And by how much?
Two points!
Two freaking points!
After all that I was wondering how the Patriots were even in the game.
Neither teams were great.
They had weaknesses.
Mainly in the running game.
And neither quarterback played great.
Manning did a great job not losing the game for his team.
As for Brady; he was asked to be Superman and he couldn’t come up.
If you switch the quarterbacks the game is completely different in my opinion.
So there it is; Super Bowl 50 bewtween the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.
I was going to do my preview of the game here.
Who I think will win and all that jazz but there is still a week to go before we get to the weekend.
I post that next Friday.
This weekend is the must watch game, The Pro-Bowl.
Yeah right.
They should just make the Super Bowl this week.

super bowl l

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