What’s Wrong With Voting For Zaza?

You may have heard that Zaz Pachulia was almost voted in by the fans as an NBA all-star despite the fact that he is not that caliber of player.
Here is my thing.
So what?
What is so bad about the fans voting for a guy that they want in the game?
Do his homeland votes not count all of a sudden?
Who came up with that crap?
I hope that one year we get a bunch of guys voted into the NBA All-Star game who are not big names.
I’d love it.
Those guys may actually play the whole game hard because they are so inspired from being picked.
Instead of the guys who get picked trying their best Globetrotter impersonation.
Are the NBA people really going to tell me it’s an honor to be picked as an NBA All-Star?
To play in a scrimmage is really an honor?
Tell me it’s an honor when the game matters.
And don’t say that it is about the fans and then say the best belong.
You can’t have both.
Because what if some fans don’t want the best players there?
Maybe they want players that they like to play in the game.
A player like Zaza Pachulia.
What’s wrong with that?
It is about the fans right?
Or is it about the fans picking the best players in the game.
And in that case, it isn’t really about the fans if they are already expected to vote for certain players.
all star game

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