How Would The Patriots Stop The Warriors?

Here is a funny hypothetical question for all of you.
How would the New England Patriots play against the Golden State Warriors if the Patriots were a basketball team?
What would they do that would make us all say, “Wow they are really innovative.”
What rule would they change?
What tactic would they have against Curry and his team?
I can tell you one thing right now, they would play the Warriors better than any NBA team does.
I think they would follow Curry and Thompson.
Literally just run with them the whole game.
Make the officials call away from the ball fouls.
Also make them take two-pointers rather than threes.
Even it is open.
You would rather Curry hit four two-pointers in a row than three-pointers.
The Patriots would make the Warriors play left-handed.
So what does that mean?
Big and physical.
Heck the Patriots may have a few guys out there just to foul Curry and his teammates.
And since you can’t hit players today, what is their version of the Jordan rules?
Tripping the guy.
Put your foot out and have him go flying.
At least then they may not get called for the flagrant. (But then again the game is so soft today, that it still may be)
So next time you hear about how great the Warriors are, think about how the smartest team in pro sports, the New England Patriots would play against.
Cause that is probably how you beat them.


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