My Picks For The NFL Championship Games

Here are my picks for what I consider to be the last real week in football.
After this, the Super Bowl becomes more of an entertainment event than an actual game.
Anyway here is who I think will win.

Patriots vs Broncos 3:05 PM on CBS

I want Manning to win another title.
I really do.
But he is not who he used to be and I don’t know how much the defense can do against the Patriots offense.
Yes, the Patriots can’t run the football.
But they have Brady, Gronk and Belichick.
And I am not going against the smartest team in sports.
This one may even be a blow out.
I hope not, but I am wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Patriots win.

Panthers vs Cardinals 6:40 PM on Fox
I like Carolina.
I have all year.
They have a great defense and the MVP of the league.
Palmer will have to make a lot of quick throws in this one for the Cardinals to win.
It will be close, in my opinion.
Whatever team makes the big plays will decide the winner.
Panthers, or more specifically Newton will step up when it is needed and they win a close one.

Panthers win.

So the two teams I have in Super Bowl 50 are the Patriots and the Panthers.
I’ll let you know what I thought of the games next week.


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