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Why Don’t Guards Back Down Anyone Anymore

Why don’t guards in basketball back down their defenders?
Why don’t I ever see that anymore?
I remember guys like Mark Jackson, would do that every play to hag on to the ball?
So what happened that the guys don’t d it anymore?
They don’t have to.
Name the best guards in the game today.
Westbrook, Curry, Lillard.
Can any of them post up their defenders?
And why?
Because they don’t have to in order to be successful.
Defenders can’t put their hands on the guards today, so we are now seeing guards that are a result to that style.
I can’t blame today’s guards for adapting to era they are in.
In fact, it would be weird if they didn’t.
Can you imagine a player adjusting his game so that it didn’t help him?
That is what a guard is who decides to learn how to post-up his defender.
Sure it may make you a more complete player, but you don’t need it.
It would be like a writer, who doesn’t have a blog.
Sure you can do it.
But you are better off with one.


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