Why I Don’t Buy The Steph Curry Hype

The game has changed.
The three pointer is the new dunk.
Now people want to emulate Curry as much as Jordan.
That is what the media is trying to sell and I am not buying it.
This doesn’t mean that I don’t think Curry isn’t a great player.
He is.
Just overrated.
Really overrated.
People are comparing him to Jordan.
But that is my problem.
You can argue that Jordan wasn’t even the best.
That he played in the best era of basketball (the 80’s).
And wasn’t even the best player of that time.
He only dominated when the rules changed for him and the league got watered down.
Even former players don’t think that Jordan was a god.
Which is the opposite of what most fans would say about him.
Ask John Salley or Dr. J and they would say that Jordan is one of many great players the league has produced.
Heck, even ask the man himself and I’m sure he wouldn’t admit to being the best of all time.
Michael Jordan the basketball player was a great player.
Michael Jordan the marketing image that sold shoes and promoted other various items was presented as the greatest to ever play the game.
The media pushes it too.
Now it is sacrilegious to even present another player that could be better than Jordan.
And they are doing the same with Curry.
Telling you how great he is.
How he has changed the game.
How no one can play with him.
Sorry, but I have seen this already happen once before.
Also I hear some NBA guys criticize Steve Nash for playing in a time when hand checks were illegal.
They say his two MVPs aren’t legit, because of the rule.
He was more a product of the time more than anything else.
So what does that make Curry?
Is he not playing with the same rule?
So how can the NBA promote Curry as the greatest, and critique Nash when they both benefited from the same change?
That makes no sense to me.
Curry the greatest player of all time?
If you think that is the case then you have to learn more about the history of the game.

Am I not supposed to be impressed by highlights of Nash because they weren’t allowed to touch him?

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