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Does This Mean That Matt Harvey Will Change His Voice To Sound Like Batman?

This is the cover that started it all.

This is the cover that started it all.

Matt Harvey is The Dark Knight.
In case you haven’t heard.
Or you are just a Yankees fan and are still reminiscing about Derek Jeter playing shortstop.
That is how much we hate Ben Affleck being Batman;
We gave a pitcher the title.
Why is this young pitcher named Batman?
Because of reasons, that’s why.
One Sports Illustrated cover and one post by me
And BAM…!
You are proclaimed The Dark Knight.
That Sports Illustrated cover may have done more for Harvey than this blog.
But what about Harvey’s voice?
Batman’s voice in the movies was…
Oh … let’s just say it was weird.
Poor guy sounded like he had a frog in his throat the whole time.
It wasn’t as bad as Bane’s voice, but it was certainly up there with worst movie voices ever.
So will Matt Harvey now change his voice to sound like Batman?
Will I no longer understand a word from him when he gives inteviews?
Will he end the franchise by going to Paris after flying a bomb out of the city?
Let’s hope not.
And whatever happens to Harvey, the man should never say, “I’m Batman”.

As long as Harvey doesn't start to sound like Bane, then we're good.

As long as Harvey doesn’t start to sound like Bane, then we’re good.

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