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Can The Mets Please Stop Winning So Much?

Is that the 1969 Mets out there?

Is that the 1969 Mets out there?

Look I know that I predicted that the New York Mets would win every game this season.
That they would shock everyone by playing great baseball.
But I didn’t think it would really happen!
That was a joke!
Not for real!
My god guys, please stop winning so much.
You are still the Mets right?
Aren’t they supposed to be bad?
The laughing stock of the town?
And you guys are messing with everything.
By winning and actually being good.
By playing smart baseball.
Mets fans are even proud to wear blue and orange.
I can’t remember the last time that happened.
Great job Mets.
You are changing the perception of everyone in the league with your great pitching and great team work.
Keep it up.
Ya gotta believe!
(Yes I just said that)

For a second I thought that I saw Keith Hernandez playing first base for the Mets.

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