Why Is Matt Harvey Called The Dark Knight?

There is only one Batman and he doesn't play baseball.
There is only one Batman and he doesn’t play baseball.

Did I miss something with all the buzz around Matt Harvey’s comeback?
Since when is he called The Dark Knight?
Who gave him that title?
When he isn’t pitching, is he bringing justice to the city by beating the crap out of the corrupt?
He is not the pitcher that the Mets want,
But the one they need.
Actually he could be both.
And more importantly; why is he called The Dark Knight?
What is the connection?
Because Batman lives in Gotham.
And Gotham is NYC.
Matt Harvey plays in NYC.
So it is only natural to call him The Dark Knight.
Ah yeah.
Just why the promoters passed up on Superman is beyond me.
Did Shaq and Dwight Howard hear about it and say no?
And how Marvel didn’t get in on the mix is also a mystery.
If you had to be called any superman, you don’t want to be anyone from Marvel.
Ironman; too snobby.
The Hulk; too mad and green.
Captain America; too political.
Thor; too boring.
Black Widow and that guy with the bow and arrow; No. Just no.
So I guess Matt Harvey is called The Dark Knight because…?
He kind of resembles Bruce Wayne?
I don’t know.
I don’t get the connection.
But hey if there is any superhero to be named after it is Batman.
Well because he’s Batman.

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