What A Sloppy Game Really Means

This is not a sloppy game. This is a sloppy joe.
This is not a sloppy game. This is a sloppy joe.

Every so often sport games aren’t pretty.
And if you are some teams that is all the time.
(Insert joke about teams that haven’t won in years)
But I don’t want to poke fun at teams that lose so much.
Those fans suffer enough already.
They don’t need me making wise cracks about the ineptitude of their franchise.
As a fan it is easy for me to yell at the TV and express how I truly feel about the game.
Although sometimes the game looks more like a tragedy.
Oh my god! What are you doing! That was such a stupid play!
These guys suck! They are the worst team ever!
Oh! That was such a basic play! How do you not make that play! Take him out!

Announcers are not allowed to make such candid remarks during the game.
Doing so would put negative light on the game and that means less viewers.
Less viewers means less money.
Why would I watch a game that even the guy covering it says it’s awful?
And now we would like to tell you about the latest show being played on…. what the hell is he doing!
What type of dumbass play was that? How is the coach not mad at him for doing that?

This is a sloppy game is the worst announcers can say of the game.
What does that mean exactly?
It means that you are probably not watching the game.
And if you are watching it, then you are probably yelling and cursing at the TV.
A sloppy game is a nice way of saying that the whole thing is hard to watch.
The announcers just don’t want to say it.
If given the choice, binge-watch that show you were planning on getting caught on.
At least then, you aren’t guaranteed a loss.

I still say that this game is not nearly as sad as some sport games I’ve watch over the years.

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