They Can Take It Away From You

sports banners
If you cheat then they will take down that championship banner you worked so hard to win.

You play to win the games.
And when you win, no one can take that away form you.
You won.
You were the winner.
For that moment in time you were the best.
They can’t take it away from you, right?
They can.
If you cheat while you play and people only find out later on then the league can take away your title.
They have taken away success from teams and players that cheated in the past.
Look at Barry Bonds and Reggie Bush for example.
Bonds is the leader in all time home runs in baseball, but he may not even get in the Hall of Fame because he took steroids.
Bush got gifts while in college and they took away his Heisman trophy.
If you are an athlete and you cheat, then you better not get caught.
Because if you get caught then the league will do everything they can to make you pay for what you did.
They can’t take away that I won the game.
Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

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