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Now Everyone Is A Basketball Fan

Oh look there is a bracket; now I am a basketball fan!

Oh look there is a bracket; now I am a basketball fan!

I love when March Madness comes by everyone all of a sudden is a big basketball fan.
Get out of here with that!
You don’t even know who scored the most points in a game.
Heck you probably think Michael Jordan did it.
You have no clue who Pistol Pete is.
And you think the three point line was always apart of the game.
You have no idea who John Wooden, Bill Walton, And Lew Alcindor is and what they gave the game.
What do you know about basketball?
A pick and roll?
What a double-double is?
Please stop acting like you know basketball now that there is a bracket in front of you.
It is just insulting to the knowledgeable basketball fans out there.

Just because you have a jersey of your favorite team doesn’t make you a knowledgeable fan.

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