Why Pete Rose Won’t Be Allowed In The Hall Anytime Soon

When you think of Pete Or Shoeless Joe; you are reminded just how much money can have an impact on the game.
When you think of Pete Or Shoeless Joe; you are reminded just how much money can have an impact on the game.

Ah the Pete Rose question.
Should he be allowed in the Baseball Hall of Fame despite the fact that betted on the games?
Isn’t it fun to ask of whether a person with enormous talent should suffer for making a mistake?
Rose was the Shoeless Joe of his day.
Obviously the guy had talent.
But he made a mistake.
Not just any mistake though.
The worst type of one you can make.
He betted on the game.
Now why don’t I think Rose’s ban will ever be lifted?
The same that Shoeless Joe’s won’t.
His error gave us fans a glimpse into a world of sports than we are not told much about.
The dirty business side.
The side that shows that some crooked people may be involved with these games.
And it isn’t all about playing your hardest and giving your all to the team.
I heard the argument that taking steroids is awful too.
Maybe worse.
And if those guys can be forgiven then so can Rose.
But I disagree with that notion.
When you take steroids you are still competing, at least.
Sure it may be an unfair competition but you are not being told by a bookie on how to play your next game.
But when you gamble; you are showing the world that the game is just a money making business.
It doesn’t matter who wins or who loses.
As long as you get your money then you are fine.
Baseball, rightfully so, wants nothing to do with any criminals involved in gambling.
The ones who may dictate how the guy coaches or plays because of money he owes.
Baseball wants to have a clean slate in their dirty business past.
Or at least that is what they want to be appear to have.

It seems that money has a way of talking to players from any generation

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