Think About Whether You Really Want To Be An Athlete Or Not

Everyone wants to be an athlete.
To be the guy on the field, or court and get the team to the title.
No matter the sport.
Whether it is a big time sport like football or basketball.
Or a small sport like tennis and golf.
Who wouldn’t like to be a athlete?
At first it sounds like a good deal.
I get to pay for my college by playing this sport.
What is the catch?
There actually is a catch.
You can’t say whatever is on your mind without consequences.
Do you hate what the coach did last game?
Or how the media covered your team?
You got to watch what you say.
Because if you say something that the people who pay for your scholarship don’t like then they can penalize you.
Think I’m exaggerating?
Every so often in the news you will hear about an athlete getting in trouble for giving an opinion on a topic.
The athlete’s thoughts wouldn’t be a problem if they were not on the team but since the athlete is basically property of the university; then they have to agree with the views of the university.
Or pay.
Being an athlete may seem like a great deal, but you got to give away a little bit of your speech if you want to stay in good standing.
Buy hey that is what you do to win right?

Athletes have to watch what to they say around reporters.
Athletes have to watch what to they say around reporters.

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