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It Becomes Embarrassing Sometimes

I am all for the underdog.
The Cinderella.
The Rocky.
The David beating Goliath.
Everyone loves a good upset story and I am no different in that sentiment.
Who doesn’t like when the team who shouldn’t be there wins the game?
It is inspiring because if they can win when the odds are against them then we can too.
But sometimes Cinderella breaks her shoe.
Rocky doesn’t beat Apollo Creed.
David misuses his slingshot.
And sometimes the low seeds in the NCAA tournament don’t belong.
It is hard to watch games when some of the teams shouldn’t be there.
I know, that sounds like a real pessimistic view of the tournament.
Instead of seeing the possible upsets; I am seeing the possible blowouts.
But how can I enjoy some of these games when teams win by 30 plus points easily?
It isn’t fun to watch because the competition isn’t even close.
If the mismatch does anything it makes the powerhouse schools feel good about themselves.
Like it is a reminder to the small schools of who is the best.
“Sure you won your conference tournament but we are still one of the best college basketball programs in the country.”
Cinderella isn’t a princess.
Rocky isn’t the champion.
And David isn’t a warrior.
When the underdog loses by a lo,t it isn’t creating a story for all of us to remember but a tale of how lopsided some of these teams really are in talent.

We should remember that there is a reason that David beating Goliath is considered an upset. Because it wasn't supposed to happen.

We should remember that there is a reason that David beating Goliath is considered an upset. Because it wasn’t supposed to happen.

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