The NFL is all about themselves

It amazes me how frequently I hear about the NFL on the radio and television when it is not NFL season.
And no one really wants to hear about football.
Yeah I said it.
No one wants to hear about football at this time.
It is March and time for college basketball.
But what do I hear when I tune into sports stations?
And not just a highlight reel of the plays.
I could deal with that.
Football is making a discussion over whether people should play it or not.
Is that how the NFL views itself?
They think they are more interesting talking about kids with concussions playing their sport then highlights of other sports.
I love how football is making a big deal about the fact it is physical.
Wait, you mean it’s bad if I get hit on the head a bunch of times?
I never knew!
Look if your kid wants to play football, then let the kid play football.
If he doesn’t, then don’t.
It isn’t that difficult or complicated.
And to be completely honest; I don’t care what your kid chooses.
I don’t know your kid.
And I am not the parent of your kid either.
My opinion on your kid playing football should have no real value in your decision on whether he should or not.
There are too many other factors to consider than just, “Well if he gets hit in the head then that would be bad.
A personal opinion should not be made by strangers.
People who do not know what is best for the kid.
“Oh this blogger feels my son shouldn’t play football. I’m sold!”
Yeah. I’m sure you said that.
But I find it amusing how the NFL makes it this sociological analysis on society.
As if football has much sophistication to begin with.
AS if it isn’t eleven men lining up next to each other trying to knock the hell out of each other.
Football is elegant.
Like a beautiful swan sitting in an open pond.
Yeah. Sure.
And I am the first person you thought of when you heard of concussions in football.
Football should get over itself.
And let the other sports join the party.
It is like that person at work that makes everything about them.
Even when that guy is not at work people at talking about him not being there.
Despite the fact that it is not the football season we are still told news about football.
Because no one really cares about the other sports being played at the time.
Baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey.
Those sports have no real fans.
Screw em.
Get back to football.
I want to hear more about steroid induced men making too much money in an elegant sophisticated sport.
What the hell is March Madness anyway?
Sure people like football but it is trying to take over the sports world and getting out of hand.

Turns out there is this pink thing inside your head that performs poorly after getting hit a bunch of times.
Turns out there is this pink thing inside your head that performs poorly after getting hit a bunch of times.

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