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Promoted Like Harlem Globetrotters

Sometimes when I watch basketball highlights I don’t really know what I am watching.
Is that a professional basketball game or is it a basketball showcase?
One that I would see with street ballers or guys who play for the Harlem Globetrotters.
One highlight is of a player throwing the ball off the backboard to himself for a dunk.
Another has the player throw down a reverse dunk.
Why, if I didn’t know any better I’d have thought it was the Harlem Globetrotters making these plays.
Since the actual ability being showcased is not for the whole game, but for the one spectacular play.
Basketball is promoted as if you only need to see the one play to understand the game.
“Oh look at this great play.” Says the anchor reading his cue cards.
Not the game.
The game is not as important as the awesome dunk by the player.
Watch that.
I just can’t believe how the game presents itself like a game that is supposed to be entertainment.

Basketball is promoted as if it is entertainment, not a sport.

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