ESPN Should Stick To Sports

I don’t like Iggy Azalea’s music as much as anyone.
If you listen to a song of hers with me in the room then chances are I will either leave or make a sarcastic remark on the song’s misplacement on the radio.
She is to me, a commercially acceptable mainstream artist that is certainly pushed in our faces more than we really want.
Like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.
Sure she has some talent.
But she has backers behind her too.
Does her style make her the worst thing to ever happen in hip-hop?
Is she complete crap?
Look if you want to listen to her and enjoy her music in your spare time then that is fine.
But don’t complain when I don’t play any of her music when I am given a choice.
Robert Flores stated his opinion on Iggy Azalea by making a rip at her.
Which is fine if Jon Stewart said it since the basis for Stewart’s show is comedy.
But Flores is an anchor on ESPN where his job is to communicate the sports to the world.
Not his opinion on music.
No one wants that.
Who is Robert Flores you ask?
Well apparently he is an anchor on ESPN.
I’ll admit as a sports fan I didn’t even know his name before this story came about.
I recognized his face but not his name.
The remark he made was unprofessional.
Even if he is right in his opinion.
It is not the place for it.
What is next for ESPN if they allow this to happen?
Will they start a Top Ten segment of the show that features the top ten songs in the nation?
And have Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith talk about the songs they like?
Or maybe they will have anchors give their reviews on movies coming out in theaters in the coming weeks?
Oh wait ESPN already does promotion for certain movies.
So actually that second example isn’t far from the truth.
ESPN may not give their thoughts on movies, but they definitely help some.
Like when they show highlights of a basketball game with the scenes of a Transformers movie.
That is the closest approval ESPN can give of a film without actually giving the film their official approval.
So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that ESPN chooses to support some artists and rip others.
They already do it with movies.
It was a funny thing that Flores said.
I laughed at the unusual spot of the joke.
But it was inappropriate to say because of the job he was supposed to be doing.
Stick to sports.
That is what you are there for.
Which it seems ESPN is getting farther and farther away from with every day that passes.

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