Why The Yankees Will Continue To Talk About A-Rod

The New York Yankees will not stop talking about Alex Rodriguez anytime soon.
They are giving him a really hard time lately.
Getting an apology from him and then saying that he will not be inserted into the starting lineup based on their respect for his past contributions to the team.
Joe Girardi could have given A-Rod the benefit of the doubt and say that third base is his because of what he has done for this team.
You know how he helped them win the World Series in 2009.
But no, he says that A-Rod will have to earn his spot.
As if the guy is a rookie in spring training and has done nothing for the team.
And you know why the Yankees are doing this?
Because A-Rod will become a distraction from their dreadful playoff hopes.
No one actually thinks the Yankees will be contenders this year.
In fact this year could be a really long year for the Yankees.
Sabathia isn’t who he was.
Teixeira will be happy playing a full season.
Hopefully for them Tanaka can be who he was before he got injured.
That guy may be the only hope for the Yankees being competitive.
But will anyone care if the Yankees are bad, if A-Rod and his antics gets headlines?
Well, not as much as if they were focusing on the team.
Last year the Yankees focused on Derek Jeter retiring so everyone kind of forget the year that was.
And the year before that they gave Rivera’s retirement all the attention.
Last year the Yankees went 84-78 and missed the playoffs.
During the Steinbrenner days that would be unimaginable.
But if the fans talk about how much they hate Alex Rodriguez, then no one will mind another lost season for the Yankees.
And on a side note the Yankees won one World Series in 14 years. (in 2009)
The days of the Yankees being the epitome of greatness in baseball is over.
I am just wondering how long it will take Yankee fans to realize it.

If people talk about him, then no one will mention that the Yankees may not even make the playoffs.
If people talk about him, then no one will mention that the Yankees may not even make the playoffs.

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