The Media Really Controls How We Perceive An Athlete

I am always amazed at how the media can really affect a player’s reputation with the people.
Instead of showing great plays, they can show low-lights.
Instead of asking easy questions, they can harass the player even when he or she isn’t playing.
The media may not control all the information we have.
But they certainly can change the conversation we have as sports fans.
Focusing on one area of the sport.
All we have to do is name a few athletes to find the influence of the media.
Derek Jeter.
Alex Rodriguez.
Michael Jordan.
Kobe Bryant.
All enormously popular athletes but not all treated the same by the media.
Each athlete I listed prompts a reaction by you as a sports fan.
A reaction that is affected by what you learn from the media.
If you saw all the great plays of any of those four athletes I listed, without any bad press, chances are, you would like the guy.
But if you saw mistakes those guys made during the game, or times they looked like idiots, then you probably wouldn’t like them.
See what I am saying?
Athletes want to go around and believe that they really control how they can play and their sports career.
But as the media grows every year, I am unsure if that is the case.

Don't underestimate the power of these guys.
Don’t underestimate the power of these guys.

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